#5. McDonagh’s deadly arsenal of moves

Same game, the Argos senior super stud Stephanie McDonagh puts a defender in the spin cycle here and she squeezes her way into the lane and lays it up and in. The Argos would prevail and would get the big dubya.

#4. Turnover leads to fast break points for Brooks-McGregor

Men’s basketball now, still Rocky Mountain vs. Providence. Matthew Brooks-McGregor forces the Bears into a turnover here. The redshirt senior charges down the court with the ball and has some fancy shake-and-bake action getting around the defender, resulting in a basket on the fast break. Providence gets the win.

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#3. Imhoff says, look out below!!!

Now we have Carroll College visiting the University of Providence. Big Ryan Imhoff gets the steal here, he passes it to Kyle Nickol who lobs it up for Imhoff for the monster slam dunk. The Saints roll to a win and remain undefeated.

#2. The CMR prodigy brings the house down for OKC

We go the the NBA. Spurs vs. the Thunder. That’s CMR alum Josh Huestis taking the lob from Russell Westbrook and bringing the entire house down with a monster jam. Look out below!What a play! Huestis came in flying out of nowhere! OKC would get the win.

#1. Adam Huse and his half court heave

Carroll College visiting MSU Northern. .6 seconds left on the clock, Lights down by three 84-81. The pass gets it to Adam Huse who turns around and heaves up a half court prayer and it’s answered! Take a look at it again, what a shot from Huse the Sophomore out of Bozeman. That would force overtime, but unfortunately Carroll would end up getting the win. Spectacular shot nonetheless!