BELGRADE – In mid-September, Three Forks Wolves football player Gavin Foth was involved at an ATV accident that left him with a broken neck and leaving much of his body paralyzed. On Saturday night, hundreds of people came to Belgrade in support of Gavin.

“I can’t explain it, it’s amazing, it’s awesome. I am so thankful for this community,” said Kortney Combs, Gavin’s mother.

Gavin now has movement of his left arm and is making progress.

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“He can talk, he is doing well. He has such a good attitude. He just wants to get better and he has goals and he’s not down on himself,” Combs said.

Gavin’s medical bills have amounted to more than $1 million. Saturday night, the Friendly Tavern in Belgrade, where his mother works, held a surprise fundraiser.

About 200 people showed up to the event for an evening of food, raffles and a silent auction to help raise money to help Gavin, and it was all a surprise to his mom.

“My heart is so full of love and it’s because of the support I get, the messages, the gifts. This (Saturday) is what keeps me going,” Combs said with a smile. “There’s so much love, I’m so thankful.”

And every single hand that reaches out helps Gavin get better each day.

“I can’t wait to show Gavin,” Combs said eagerly. “I said (to Gavin), ‘The love that you have in this town and the whole state is incredible,’ and I think that’s going to help him get stronger.”

Gavin’s sister set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for his medical expenses. To donate click here.