The Titans players discuss a play during a timeout. (TOM WYLIE/MTN Sports)

Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap, which won the 8-Man South divisional championship, had nine players recognized on the league’s all-conference teams, which were released Monday.

Titans Beau Drivdahl (OL/DL), Austin Grove (OL), Jordan Nees (TB) and Brandon Bergum (OLB) earned first-team honors, while teammates Haden Hammontree, Zack Thomas, Sawyer Connerton, Tucker Walter and Colt Pospisil were recognized with second-team or honorable mention selections.

Tanner Wood (QB/DB), Corbin Wood (TE/ILB), Brayden Oberg (OLB) and Austin Hughes (DT) were first-team choices for Ennis, which advanced to the semifinal round of the 8-Man playoffs. The Mustangs lost at Forsyth in last week’s semifinal matchup.

The full 8-Man South all-conference selections are below. Administrators are encouraged to submit honors teams to

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8-Man South

All-state — Rhet Woodhall, sr., Denton-Geyser-Stanford; Corbin Wood, sr., Ennis; Tanner Wood, sr., Ennis; Brayden Oberg, jr., Ennis; Austin Hughes, sr., Ennis; Lars Mysse, sr., Harlowton; Brett Robinson, sr., Joliet; Grant O’Rourke, jr., Joliet; Ry Olson, jr., Joliet; Rylan Gauthier, sr., Park City; Jordan Nees, jr., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap; Sawyer Connerton, sr., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap; Beau Drivdahl, jr., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap.


*First-team selections unless otherwise noted


Center – Beau Drivdahl, jr., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap; Art Cavill, jr., Harlowton (second-team); Dylan Young, jr., Absarokee (second-team).

Guard – Austin Grove, sr., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap; Grant O’Rourke, jr., Joliet; Jackson Wade, sr., Lone Peak; Austin Hughes, sr., Ennis (second-team); Lars Mysse, sr., Harlowton (second-team); Josh Seabrook, sr., Park City (honorable mention); Haden Hammontree, sr., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap (honorable mention).

Quarterback – Tanner Wood, sr., Ennis; Taylor Rowlison, sr., Joliet (second-team); Zack Thomas, so., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap (honorable mention)

Tailback – Jordan Nees, jr., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap; Rhet Woodhall, sr., Denton-Geyser-Stanford; Brayden Oberg, jr., Ennis (second-team); Kane Lawson, Harlowton (second-team); Liam Germain, sr., Lone Peak (honorable mention); Trey Oswald, sr., Joliet (honorable mention); Carson Baker, so., Park City (honorable mention).

Fullback – Brett Robinson, sr., Joliet; Sawyer Connerton, sr., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap (second-team).

Tight end – Corbin Wood, sr. Ennis; Rylan Gauthier, sr., Park City (second-team); Tucker Walter, sr., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap (honorable mention).

Receiver – Ry Olson, jr., Joliet; Howie Robin, sr., Lone Peak (second-team).


Defensive end – Grant O’Rourke, jr., Joliet; Beau Drivdahl, jr., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap; Tyler Gorecki, sr. Harlowton (second-team); Jackson Wade, sr., Lone Peak (second-team); Colt Pospisil, sr., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap (honorable mention).

Defensive tackle – Austin Hughes, sr., Ennis; Lars Mysse, sr., Harlowton; Austin Grove, sr., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap (second-team); Caiden Kirby, sr. Joliet (second-team).

Inside linebacker – Corbin Wood, sr., Ennis; Carson Norskog, sr., Denton-Geyser-Stanford; Sawyer Connerton, sr., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap (second-team); Justin Harris, jr., Joliet (second-team); Mikol Degele, sr., Absarokee (honorable mention).

Outside linebacker – Brayden Oberg, jr., Ennis; Brandon Bergum, sr., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap; Trey Oswald, sr., Joliet (second-team); Rhet Woodhall, sr., Denton-Geyser-Stanford (second-team); Elijah Byrd, so., Gardiner (honorable mention).

Defensive back – Tanner Wood, sr., Ennis; Brett Robinson, sr., Joliet; Rylan Gauthier, sr., Park city (second-team); Ry Olson, jr., Joliet (second-team).

Special teams

Kicker – Declan Sielafff, sr., Park City; Simon Hanson, jr., Absarokee (second-team).

Punter – Milosz Shipman, jr., Lone Peak; Baxter Fuhrmann, sr., Gardiner (second-team).

Kick returner – Rhet Woodhall, sr., Denton-Geyser-Stanford; Brett Robinson, sr., Joliet (second-team).

Punt returner – Rylan Gauthier, sr., Park City; Brett Robinson, sr.; Joliet (second-team)