BOZEMAN — The Montana State volleyball season ended a win shy of a playoff berth, but that doesn’t mean that the campaign wasn’t a success.

The Bobcats’ six conference wins are more than the previous two seasons combined. What makes the turnaround even more impressive is that it comes in Daniel Jones’ first season as head coach, but, technically, he ends the season with the ‘interim’ tag still next to his name. As he looks for a future, he’s supplementing his first-season numbers with his opinion.

“There is no doubt in my mind that (Montana State) is where I want to be,” Jones said. “This is where my wife wants to be (and) this is where we want to be as a family.”

Jones also is excited about the future of the young team that he has had the opportunity to coach this season.

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“We want to see the growth of this program through,” the coach added.

Conversations are being had about the future of his job at Montana State, talks that he says he enters confidently. After posting the best win-loss numbers the program has seen in a few years, the confidence seems warranted.