MISSOULA – On any team, no member is unimportant..

In this week’s Youth Sports Spotlight, we take a look at one of the Montana Grizzlies’ unsung heroes with the volleyball program: the ball boy.

Wilson Freer loves sports. He loves playing them, watching them, everything about the game. He’s so in love with sports that he wants to be a part of every team possible – even if there’s a gender gap.

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Last year, he and his family discovered that being a ball handler for Grizzly volleyball isn’t just for girls, so he jumped at the opportunity to help out.

He spends every chance he can sitting courtside, wiping down volleyballs, ensuring none get away and handing fresh volleyballs to whichever team is on his side of the court.

He says he does it because he just can’t get enough sports.

“I do like volleyball, and I like baseball because they’re just my favorites. They’re really fun,” said Freer.

Though the Grizzlies’ home game season is over, Freer says he’s looking forward to helping out again next year.