Helena High's Katie Martin sends a shot toward the goal in the first half. (RICHIE MELBY/MTN Sports)

MISSOULA – Days after the Missoula Hellgate boys and Helena High girls captured the Class AA state soccer titles, the league coaches released the all-conference and all-state teams.

Hellgate, which won its third consecutive boys championship, was heavily represented in the Western AA’s all-state team. Five Knights were named to the team, including reigning Gatorade player of the year Matt Baldridge. Cameron Talbott, Will Dauenhauer, Cole Hage and Dane Becker were also honored.

Baldridge scored two goals and assisted on a Dauenhauer goal as Hellgate held off a pesky Kalispell Glacier team 4-2 in overtime on Saturday. The Wolfpack were represented by seniors Ryan Symmes and Brady Schultz on the all-state team.

Helena High rode the offense of Katie Martin and Kamden Hilborn en route to the Bengals’ 4-2 victory over defending champion Bozeman in the girls match. Martin scored two goals and added an assist, while Hilborn netted one goal and added two assists in the victory. Cailyn Wall was also named to the all-state team.

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Bozeman’s Olivia Kaiser was voted the Eastern AA most valuable player and was joined by Keely Kempt and Ashlyn Lewis on the all-state teams from the league.

The complete all-state and all-conference lists can be found below.

Class AA girls soccer

Western AA

Kamden Hilborn, Helena High
Katie Martin, Helena High
Cailyn Wall, Helena High
Ashley Carlson, Helena Capital
Ellie Stiffler, Helena Capital
Cassie Brisko, Helena Capital
Tanlee Pipinich, Helena Capital
Cadie Williams, Kalispell Glacier
Ellie Stevens, Kalispell Glacier
Quinn Peacock, Missoula Sentinel
Piper Woodard, Missoula Sentinel
Whitney Morrison, Missoula Big Sky
Emma Baumstark, Missoula Hellgate
Skyleigh Thompson, Kalispell Flathead

Ellie Stock, Helena High
Melina Hammer, Helena High
Maddie Mariegard, Helena High
Kinzi Adams, Helena Capital
Tyler Cummings, Helena Capital
Micah Hickethier, Kalispell Glacier
Sophie Smith, Kalispell Glacier
Lindsay McDonald, Kalispell Glacier
Ashley McElmurry, Missoula Sentinel
Emma Krebsbach, Missoula Sentinel
Jasmine Schreckendgust, Missoula Big Sky
Hannah Santamaria, Missoula Big Sky
Elaina Pierce, Missoula Hellgate
Clara Vandenbosch, Kalispell Flathead
Shayenn Thompson, Kalispell Flathead

Honorable Mention
Alanna Vickory, Helena High
Leanna Marcovics, Helena High
Sydney Sheridan, Helena Capital
Madison Becker, Kalispell Glacier
Kenzie Williams, Kalispell Glacier
Emma Hietala, Missoula Sentinel
MacKenzie Morrison, Missoula Big Sky
McKell Wilson, Missoula Hellgate
Iris Deskins, Missoula Hellgate
Aaris Hill, Kalispell Flathead
Chloe Nadeau, Kalispell Flathead

Eastern AA

Blair Stapleton, Billings Senior
Olivia Abdallah, Billings Senior
Brynn Klinefelter, CMR
Lexie Bloyder, Billings West
Justine Roe, Billings Skyview
Jordan Roe, Billings Skyview
Ally Cleverly, Butte
Olivia Kaiser, Bozeman (MVP)
Keely Kempt, Bozeman
Ashlyn Lewis, Bozeman
Jorgie Hawthorne, Great Falls High

Honorable Mention All-State
Sarah Maynard, Billings Senior
Tailoranne Young, Billings West
Sophia Robinson, Bozeman
Camille Broling, Bozeman

Kylee Jones, Bozeman
Addi Ekstrom, Bozeman
Katie Hayes, Bozeman
Halle Labert, Billings Skyview
Kayla Mader, Billings Skyview
Ashlyn Braun, Billings Skyview
Kenzee Ickes, Billings Senior
Laura Zimmer, Billings Senior
Maysee Whitney, Billings Senior
Nichole Unsworth, Billings West
Madison Gosch, Billings West
Kelsey Hogan, CMR
Taylor Newton, Great Falls High

Honorable Mention
Payton Carver, Butte

Class AA boys soccer

Western AA

Cameron Talbott, Missoula Hellgate
Will Dauenhauer, Missoula Hellgate
Matt Baldridge, Missoula Hellgate
Cole Hage, Missoula Hellgate
Dane Becker, Missoula Hellgate
Ben larson, Missoula Sentinel
Jake Larson, Missoula Sentinel
Dawson Tedesco, Helena High
Jackson Keller, Helena High
Ryan Symmes, Kalispell Glacier
Brady Schultz, Kalispell Glacier
Hanson Eystad, Kalispell Flathead
Devin Jacaruso, Missoula Big Sky

Henry Ledyard, Missoula Hellgate
Nino Paoli, Missoula Hellgate
Luke Joy, Missoula Sentinel
Cole Reimer, Missoula Sentinel
Cameron Wilcox, Helena High
Ben Ries-Roncalli, Helena High
Treven Maherg, Helena High
Gabe Studt, Helena High
Micah Reason, Kalispell Glacier
Rohit Tappeta, Kalispell Glacier
Connor Heil, Kalispell Glacier
Brandon Pyron, Kalispell Flathead
Jalen Hawkes, Kalispell Flathead

Eastern AA

Ryan Comwall, Billings West
Ben Taylor, Bozeman
Larkin Lane, Bozeman
Zach Springer, Bozeman
Lucas Gerbasi, Billings West
Charlie Klepps, Billings Senior (Player of the year)
Zeke Borgstrom, Billings Senior
Paul Ashmore, Billings West
Caleb Borgstrom, Billings Senior
Luke Vondra, Billings Senior
Ted Scott, Bozeman

Kolten Unrein, Billings Senior
Belina Neufeld, Billings SEnior
Jason Miller, Billings Senior
Caden Satrom, Billings West
Daniel Tejerina, Billings West
Trevyn Roth, Butte
Bridger Brady, CMR
Dom Altamura, Bozeman
Noah Metzger, Bozeman
Isaac Naughton, Billings Skyview
Bergen Hill, Bozeman

Honorable Mention
Justin McNabb, Butte
Moses Roque, CMR
Riley Kruger-Harting, Billings West
Braiden Stremcha, CMR
Zach Hammer, Billings Skyview
Jovial Milich, Bozeman