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BILLINGS – Magic City Soccer Club and Edge Soccer Academy jointly announce the unification of the two clubs into a single entity called Billings United Soccer Club.

Billings United Soccer Club will provide a comprehensive, high quality soccer experience for players of all ages and developmental abilities. Both clubs are excited by the consolidation of soccer knowledge into a single entity that will best serve the soccer needs of the children in this community.

Edge’s history of striving for affordability and Magic’s history of creating elite players will balance each other nicely to create a positive environment where all players feel welcome and are able to learn and develop.

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Coaching Structure:

For U9-U14 ages, all training sessions will take place under the guidance of a Development Group Director. This means that every team within a Development Group will train
at the same time and at the same location as other teams within that Development Group.

If the U11 Development Group has 4 teams, then all 4 teams will train at the same time at Amend Park. The Development Group Director will be responsible for planning the session and helping staff coaches implement the session. There will be 4 coaches at each training session to make sure that there is a 1:1 coach to team ratio.

The benefit of this format is achieving consistency of coaching throughout the club. The
Development Group Director will be creating a season plan in accordance with the club curriculum and implementing sessions based on his/her season plan. Players will be taught
specific themes during specific ages. This will allow players to develop their knowledge of the game and ability to execute technical aspects of the game more efficiently.

The number of Development Group Directors will correlate to the number of teams in each Development Group and during this first year of implementation, we will plan to have a 9/10 , 11/12 , 13/14, U18 Development Group Director for each gender.

Training Structure:

All teams within a Development Group will train together. Thus, for any given session,
there will be appropriate numbers to run small sided games, large sided games and
scrimmages at the discretion of the Development Group Director, and in conjunction with the club developed curriculum. The implementation of sessions will vary from Director to Director but will incorporate season planning concepts such as tactical periodization, intensive attacking and defending cycles.

A Development Group Director may choose to have all players work with their teams
during the training session or to mix teams so as to provide different opportunities for the
development of players. The Development Group Director will work to see every player from every team within an Development Group train weekly.

Billings United Soccer Club


The purpose of running training sessions in this format centers around player development. Players respond differently to individual coaches and by allowing players to work with every coach within a Development Group, he/she will learn the same concepts presented with different voices.

This format also provides enhanced club unity and the opportunity for players to develop and progress from a developmentally lower team to a developmentally higher team over the course of a season or even several seasons.

This fluidity will be encouraged by all coaches and will ensure that players have the opportunity to play in groups that are developmentally appropriate for them during the course of the season. Directors may determine that having a player train with a different team for a session, a week or even two weeks will aid their development. This process will look different for each.

Development Group

Player Assessment:

● Players assessed
– According to their birth year
– 9’s-14’s are grouped into birth year groups
– As necessary with 15’s-19’s ages are combined to field teams
● Players grouped
– According to developmental level
– 9’s-14’s need to train with players of similar ability
– Multiple teams created in age groups based on ability
– Fluidity for players to move between teams in age group
● Developmental Group Training
– Players broken into development groups according to age, then ability
– 9/10’s, 11/12’s, 13/14’s, 15/19’s
–  Train together at the same times, locations
● Development Group Director
– Create season plan
– Create and implement session plans
– Work with staff coaches in Development Group to improve player development
● Staff Coach
– Work with a specific team in Development Group
– Assist Director with evaluating players
– Implement sessions and provide feedback

Player Assessment Dates:

● Pre-Assessment Town Hall Meetings:
–  October 18 First Interstate Bank: Glacier Room
■ 7:00 pm -8:30 pm: All Ages
– October 24 First Interstate Bank: Glacier Room
■ 6:30 pm -7:15 pm:2009-2004-u15 Meeting
■ 7:30 pm-8:15 pm: 2003+ Meeting

● 2009-2008 Assessments
–  Dates TBD: likely January/February
● 2007-2004 Assessments
–  Dates TBD
–  4 pm-6 pm Amend Park
● 2003+ Assessments
–  November 1 and November 2
–  4 pm-6 pm Amend Park
● Post- Assessment Development Group Meeting
– November TBD: Location TBD

Spring Fees: Fall fees will be different

● U12-U19 (birth year 06’-99’)
–  Total Fee: $1150
■ Initial Payment: $250
■ Monthly Payments of: $150 (x 6 mo)
● U9-U11 (birth year 09’-07’)
– Total Fee: $750
■ Initial Payment: $150
■ Monthly Payments of: $100 (x 6 mo)
● Includes:
– Coach Fees
– Coach Travel Reimbursement
– Tournament Registrations (2)
– Field Fees
– League Fees
– Insurance
– MYSA Registration Fees
– Teamsnap

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Billings United Soccer Club

Mission: Billings United Soccer Club exists to promote the sport of soccer in Billings and Montana, by providing programming and league play for individuals of all abilities and levels of commitment.

Vision: Our Vision is to provide a developmentally appropriate environment for players to grow in their understanding of and passion for the game of soccer.