HELENA – Being an offensive lineman takes more than strength and a low center of gravity. You have to be smart to be in the trenches. Luckily for Helena high, that’s not a problem for Sean Tuttle.

The senior lineman is on the short list for a national scholarship.

“Right now I’m a National Merit semifinalist and working on the application to be a National Merit finalist,” said Tuttle. “Pretty much it’s an award where you take the PSAT in October of your junior year, and then the top one percent in the United States, they get put up for the National Merit semifinalist award. You get a scholarship from the corporation itself, but then there are also some opportunities from some other colleges across the country. So it’s just a cool award and I’m happy I have it.”

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And whatever college Tuttle ends up attending will be happy to have him, because the brainy Bengal already knows what he wants to focus on

“I want to major in engineering with a minor in business,” Tuttle said. “That’s pretty much what I’m looking at, going into senior management at an engineering company or something like that. I’ve always loved math and science and just how things work, and I just think it would be really cool to overlook operations at a company like that.”

You could say he already has some experience in that department.

“Because the offensive line is a unit — you know, five, six (players) if you have a tight end in — so it’s the same kind of thing. You have to figure out how the six of you are going to work together to be able to get your running back into the end zone, be able to get your quarterback to throw the ball into the end zone,” Tuttle said. “It’s the same as getting some sort of engineering marvel to work. You have to figure out how all the parts fit together to make a unified whole.”

No matter where the Bengals go this season on the football field, the future is looking bright for Tuttle.