BOZEMAN — On Oct. 1, Bozeman will lose one of its recreational staples.

Crosscut Ranch, at the base of the Bridger Mountains, has purchased the land at Bohart Ranch and is requesting the removal of the two disc golf courses on the property. Crosscut plans to use the land for other outdoor activities, but, for now, disc golf is not in the equation. After nearly three decades of operation, the course managers must look elsewhere.

“We’re trying to come out as a group and find a new location that can work for us as well as this place has for the last few decades,” said disc golfer and course manager Brent Jacobs. “(These are) a couple of world-class, amazing courses.”

Like the sport of disc golf, the ranch has seen a boom in popularity, bringing in more than $30,000 on its 6,000 visitors this year. The course has also hosted sponsored events and has been featured on Sportscenter’s “Top 10” for an incredible hole-in-one.

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“It’s a wonderful community sport,” Jacobs said. “To have a set of courses like these two available, it’s an unbelievable fortune for the area.”

The courses will be moving, but they will not be leaving Bozeman. Bridger Ski Area and other ranches have been brought up as potential suitors, but the managers are waiting to find the ideal situation. Crosscut was not available for comment, but the Bohart course managers say that there is a small chance that the courses could stay, however, they would not come back until 2019.

“(They want) a year to get their operation going,” Jacobs said. “They’re going to be looking to work with people who are organized and are going to bring something to the table that benefits them from a revenue standpoint.”

The decision will be made whether to bring back the course or move forward with other opportunities in April of 2018.