BIG SKY – Golf season is winding down in Montana, but it is heating up for one resident in the Treasure State.

Dorsey Addicks, from Big Sky, is going to Venice, Florida to compete in the LPGA Qualifying School.

There are currently no LPGA players from Montana, but Addicks is trying to change that. She is practicing to earn her LPGA card, something no Montanan has had since Leslie Spalding of Billings in 2005.

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Addicks is a native of Georgia, but Big Sky is a second home. Her parents own a house in the mountains and it’s the only spot she has ever vacationed. Now she lives there and considers herself a Montanan.

“I’m not born and raised from Montana, but I love Montana and I love representing the state. Even on my head cover I have the state of Montana,” said Addicks, smiling.

Big Sky is also where she was first introduced to the game of golf. Her brother and father played at the Big Sky Resort Golf Course and Dorsey would ride around in the cart with them. At that time all see wanted to do was drive the golf cart.

Her dad and her had a code word — ‘Grizzly Bear’ — that they would say when a course worker was nearing, signalling to Dorsey to quickly hop out from behind the wheel and switch spots with her dad, as to not get in trouble for any underage operation of a golfing vehicle.

That passion then evolved into playing the game and now she’s trying to become pro. There are three stages of qualifying in order to earn an LPGA card. The Big Sky resident passed the first in California earlier in the summer and on Saturday she heads to Florida to try and pass the second. But she really didn’t expect to come this far.

“I went into Stage 1 in with no expectations. I just wanted to get the experience and if I made it to Stage 2 it was just a bonus,” said Addicks.

Dorsey is 22 years old and a recent graduate of Seattle U, where she played golf for the Red Hawks. Now you may think that an aspiring pro golfer has been amazing all throughout her life, but that wasn’t always the case.

“In high school I wasn’t really highly recruited. I really wanted to go to Montana, but at the time the coach would only give me a walk-on tryout, so I wasn’t even guaranteed a spot on the team, which I understand because I wasn’t that great of a high school player,” said Addicks.

Now she’s tearing through the ranks. In her off time Dorsey is on the golf course for six to eight hours a day, or as she says, until she’s feels ready to head home.

But even if golf comes easily to her, she knows the life of a pro is a hard one.

“You’re on the road week in, week out. When you’re home, you’re not home very long,” said Addicks.

But regardless, it’s still something she wants to chase. And she is the only Montanan willing and good enough to do it.

“There’s only so many chances you get at something like this in life,” said Addicks, “so I want to give it a try and see where it takes me, and just kind of enjoy the journey.”