#5. Mendenhall’s mad dash

Choteau visiting Great Falls Central. Close game at halftime but Matt Mendenhall would solve that matter, shoots the gap on the opening kickoff of the second half and brings it all the way back for a touchdown! Choteau is held scoreless in the second half and Central gets the win.

#4. Lane Lerum’s accurate arch

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Battle of the undefeateds. Sunburst vs. Valier, Lane Lerum chucking it up deep and it just barely gets over the defenders hand and lands right to Treyton Pickering and he does the rest for the 50 yard touchdown pass! Valier gets the win though.

#3. McKinley caps the day for the Griz

Some college football, Savannah State visiting Montana. TJ Bell pressured and throws off his back foot.There’s nothing on the ball and it’s picked off by Ryan McKinley weaves his way back and fourth and takes it all the way back for the pick six! Montana wins big.

#2. Tanner Wood will run you over and make you look silly

Ennis trying to rebound from a loss the week before against Denton-Geyser-Stanford. Tanner Wood on the designed quarterback keeper. Running with some power, blows up a defender and keeps going! He jukes out another downfield and he’s going in, 60 yard touchdown run fro the senior! Mustangs win big!

#1. Drew Melton making mouths drop in Helena

MSU Northern down in Helena visiting Carroll College. Tommy Wilson up deep for Sam Mix but look at Drew Melton pulling the ball away from the receiver falling down for the interception! Great awareness from the defensive back. Carroll gets its first win of the season.