BUTTE — This week, the City of Butte is welcoming a new and unique gym.

“Nobody’s left unhappy,” trainer Reece Gendreau said. “Everybody has left with a smile on their face saying, ‘Man, that was a tough workout, but I’m coming back tomorrow for sure.'”

Kinetic Fitness is wrapping up its first week in the Uptown area, and it’s the only gym of its kind in the Mining City. Butte natives Casey Kelly and Reece Gendreau run a group training facility that strays from the typical gym model, while focusing on diet and lifestyle enhancement.

“It’s a lot of movement-based stuff,” Kelly explained. “So you’re swinging kettle bells (and) doing a lot of body weight exercises.”

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And not only do the trainers say that the workout is different, it is also much more involved.

“It’s one of the hardest workouts you can do,” Gendreau said. “You’re at the top end of your (heartbeat) range and your heart’s going the whole time. We’re throwing in some strength aspects, too, so you’re really burning out every muscle group you have.”

Although it is a busy, sweaty experience, those who have attended classes in the first week are enjoying the team-like atmosphere.

“Their favorite part of our facility is that they have the team aspect,” Kelly said. “They have a neighbor pushing them along, they’re making new friends, and it’s just kind of an upbeat atmosphere.”

The gym is located 101 East Broadway Street.