BILLINGS – The high school football question right now isn’t whether anybody can beat Billings Senior. But, rather, can anybody stay within single digits?

It hasn’t happened in two seasons.

A big part of that is Senior’s defensive backfield. Last year, all-state player Keaton Anderson helped lead that charge, but he graduated to Montana State.

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So this year, Micah Ans is filling those shoes. And what a job he’s doing, with interceptions in all three early season games.

“I felt like I had a big shoe to fill, for sure, and by having to fill Keaton Anderson’s, I just felt like the expectations were much higher for me,” Ans said. “So I just have to go out and give everything and that’s what I’m trying to do. My goal this season is to get an interception every game and I’m going with it, and now I’ve just got to keep going.”

Broncs head coach Chris Murdock loves the multiple dimensions Ans brings to the table, and not just in football.

“He comes in filling Keaton Anderson’s shoes, who was a two-year starter and got a scholarship to go play for the Cats, and Micah ran a 48(-second) split in the 400(-meter run) this year and he’s smart and he’s a great kid,” said Murdock, “so you combine speed with those other qualities, that’s what makes you a pretty good safety. And he made so many plays last year on kickoff for us, just tackling in space, that, you know, we were pretty excited about him.”

Because he spent so much time in the shadow of Anderson, Ans didn’t draw a lot of attention from opposing teams entering this season.

“We knew that he would kind of be under the radar,” Murdock continued. “He’s played at his level every year … didn’t really ever play up, except for special teams, and so you just like to see those kids come through your program that just buy in each year. And then everything comes to fruition as seniors.”

The Broncs (3-0) host Great Falls CMR (2-1) Friday at 4 p.m.