ENNIS- Sometimes we forget sports are about more than just winning and losing. They give us a chance to set goals for ourselves and escape the “real” world for at least a few hours.

That is something that Patrick Stoltz, the PGA Pro at Madison Meadows golf course in Ennis understands all too well, offering free golf lessons to cancer survivors.

“If I can have the people come out and do this and hit that ball just one time, I want them to hit it on the sweet spot, smile and go from there,” said Stoltz. “Then the attitude will change. If we can have that one smile come on, that can make the difference.”

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Using golf as an escape is something Patrick knows very well.

“Four and a half years ago I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer,” Stoltz said. “When I was initially diagnosed, they told me that I was never going to work again, I could never play golf again. I went down to Texas and had the disease treated at MD Anderson. … But my main goal was to come back. Well, my main goal was to survive, but after that I wanted to play golf again. Not to the extent that I played before: I can hit a driver about 260 now on the fly. That’s pretty good for an old guy. To be able to play again and interact with people, that’s a big part of my treatment, too.”

“Every cancer patient knows you got to find your new normal. And what I didn’t want to do, I don’t want to speak for other cancer patients, what I didn’t want to do was dwell on it: ‘Hey, you’ve got cancer.’ I just approach my life. I mean, I’m just going to continue on doing what I’m doing and try to give back and work as hard as I can and just keep keepin’ on,” Stoltz continued. “I’m not in remission. My cancer’s not curable, but they can treat it and it’s so nice, so nice to know the numbers are good and Dr. May and his staff at Bozeman Deaconess, superstars over there. Keep your professionals, trust your professionals that you’re dealing with, and if you want to come out and smile come and see me.”

To get into contact with Patrick clink on the link here.