HELENA – After being announced the new Helena Senators manager Jon Burnett knows having coached the new players in Class A ball will give him extra incite into getting the most out of his players.

“I think I know the guys coming up. I know those guys, I know them very well,” said Burnett. “I kind of know their strengths. We’re going to need that young group coming up since we lost 12 seniors, so we’re going to need some big contributions from our younger group. And just being around (former Senators manager Dave) Thennis day in, day out for the last 14 years, he’s really taught me a lot about being a coach and the opportunity that I have.”

That opportunity, Burnett hopes, will stretch far beyond the ball field.

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“I would say the thing that I kind of think that I’m good at and strive to be even better at is building relationships, working with the kids, developing more than just an on-the-field relationship with them,” the manager said. “Being there to help them. I know some of my players in the past, I’m still in contact with them. If they ever need anything I’m there to help them out.”

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