BOZEMAN – The 33rd Annual Bridger Ridge Run took place Saturday in Bozeman. Set on the peaks of the Bridger Mountains, and with drastic changes in elevation over 9,000 feet throughout the 20-mile race, it’s one of the hardest courses in the country.

But for 74-year-old Anne Trygstad it’s just another run. She has ran the race 21 times and throughout all the bumps and cuts, she loves every minute of it.

“It actually was a lot of fun and I didn’t push too hard, so I felt pretty comfortable for most of the race,” said Trygstad. “And I guess I’m probably best on the uphills and take it kind of easy on the downhills, so I stay on my feet. … I think just the personal challenge of doing it and I’ve gotten older obviously so I’m going a lot slower, but it’s just fun to do it and to prepare for it. Actually, a lot of the fun doing it is the mountain runs and things that you do ahead of time to train.”

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But it seems as though 21 is the magic number. Trygstad believes that this was her final Bridger Ridge Run.