MISSOULA – Every golfer starts somewhere. And that’s the case for this week’s Youth Sports Spotlight.

38 Montana golfers under the age of 13 competed at the Ranch Club on Sunday in a PGA Junior League state championship. The scramble-style tournament featured teams of golfers from Missoula, Polson, Helena, and Kalispell. The grand prize: moving on to Washington, to play the best junior golfers that the state has to offer. But as tournament director Andrew Flikkema explains, another prize is the opportunity to learn from other golfers their age.

“A lot of them can see others and the shots they hit; ‘Well man, I want to do that or I want to learn how to do that.’ And then maybe play on their own or practice, or get a little strive to get better,” Flikemma said.

“If you’re just playing with mom or dad all the time, they don’t see anybody their size hitting the shot differently than them. So just having somebody just to compare to is a big help for a lot of them.”