BOZEMAN – Races can be a grueling experience that separate the men from the boys, but in the case of 6-year-old Landon Ferguson that separation really isn’t so wide.

“We had gone and watched my brother run the Rut Race in Big Sky a couple of years ago and ever since then Landon had said, ‘Oh, I want to start racing, Mom. Sign me up for races,'” said Landon’s mom, Genevieve Ferguson.

He hasn’t looked back since, having several runs already under his belt.

“His first race was the Santa Run two years ago, and, after that, the next race that was available was the Run to the Pub,” said Genevieve, “so now it’s just a tradition we do each year.”

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And that tradition paid off big, winning the family a trip to Ireland. Following the run in Bozeman back in March runners were randomly selected to race on the Emerald Isle in the Dublin Marathon, and Landon’s name was picked.

“I think that everybody was a little bit surprised,” continued the proud mom. “Even my friend who had run the race with us was a little bit jealous that my 5-year-old’s number got drawn and she didn’t. But he was really, really excited and everybody was pretty proud of just the fact that he participated in the race.”

Suprise aside, Landon’s family knows this trip is something the little guy can be proud of and deserves.

“From what I’ve been seeing from him, he enjoys it and he is constantly motivating his mom to get into racing,” said Landon’s uncle Steward Lang. “And I think he’s going to take this into adulthood.”

So for his love of running, being active and representing Bozeman overseas, we’re proudly awarding Landon this beautiful plaque from Bozeman Trophy as the KBZK Outstanding Athlete of the Week.

“I love the fact that he gets to go over and promote running and promote Bozeman and promote Run to the Pub,” said Genevieve. “And just be a part of that racing community at such a young age and bring that back as an experience is something he can carry with him throughout his life.”

“You get exercise and it’s fun,” Landon summed up with a smile.