BELGRADE – It was a rocky start for the modifieds in the heat races, as Erin Shane spun out immediately after the start. But #52 managed to get it together during the caution to chase Ty Clemens for most of the race. However, the bad luck returned near the end and Clemens took the win.

It looked like the second heat was going to be a similar race as Travis Westervelt stayed just ahead of Emory Wells for the first seven laps. But then Wells found a burst of energy in the only lap that matters and finagled his way up front to take the win.

In the street stocks, Belgrade’s Cory Craver did what he does best by taking the green monster out fast and never looking back. In the second heat Ryan Ghomley barely stayed ahead for the first couple of laps, but then Dwayne Fowler took advantage of a turn and dropped below to sneak ahead. He grabbed the lead and took it all the way home. And in the final heat race, Sam Hoffman was done before it even started. There was a quick caution but he had no time for that, reclaiming his lead and taking the W.

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1) Erin Shane
2) Emory Wells
3) Jeremy Meirhofer

Street Stocks:
1) Cory Craver
2) Kaycie Kynett
3) Dwayne Fowler

Super Stocks:
1) Taylor Martin
2) Paul Lease
3) Nick Hunter

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