BELGRADE – Most of the focus at the Gallatin Speedway is on the track, but there is an unlikely hero in the stands.

High above the dirt track at the Gallatin Speedway in Belgrade, there is a hero. A hero whose watchful eye and blinding speed is the last line of safety for the drivers who risk their lives every weekend.

But who is this masked man they call Captain Caution?

“That’s for us to know and nobody else to,” laughed race employee Edith Keys.

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Legend has it Captain Caution started as the back-up race announcer and fan of the track.

“My first costume was just a pair slacks and a shirt with an old curtain tied to it,” Captain Caution told us of his humble beginnings.

But one stormy race day many years ago, a bite from a radio active pit mechanic gave his life a new direction and meaning.

“I have the power to slow down speeding cars with the wave of a flag and little kids will come up and give me a high-five any time,” the caped crusader said. “Superman probably couldn’t keep up with me.”

His true identity may never be revealed but his purpose at the track is as visible as his lightning colored cape and cowl.

“The drivers actually kind of watch for me coming out of turn four,” added the masked man. “Sometimes they’ll see my flag before they see the flagman’s flag there halfway down the front stretch at the start and finish line.”

Captain Caution’s heroic acts don’t end there. When he’s not watching over the racers he’s protecting the track’s littlest fans.

“I’d probably put him up there with Batman,” race track employee Stephanie Keys said. “just because he’s that cool and he really likes the kids and makes sure they’re safe.”

“I get the little guys to chase and follow me around,” added Captain. “It’s just a good time and family fun for everybody.”

But why does Captain Caution do what he does? What drives a hero to be a hero?

“Because everybody comes out here to the race track and the support that I’ve gotten from the fans, that’s why I continue to keep doing what I’m doing,” said Caution. “And I really do enjoy it. It’s a blast!”

Step aside Captain America, the country has a new hero.