BELGRADE – On Friday night, Gallatin Valley drivers took the top spot in all three of the feature races.

It was anyone’s race in the street stock main for the first couple of laps. Bozeman’s Robert Petroff spent several minutes neck and neck with Ronald Imberi, but after Imberi left the race, Petroff took the lead. But he never got ahead by more than a full car length. He eventually edged out Belgrade’s Cory Craver for the win.

The super stock main did not have a similar experience. From the moment the green flag began waving, it was Jordan Tocci’s race. He jumps ahead immediately at the start, and the gap continued to grow as the cars rounded the track. A couple of interference stops allowed the other drivers to catch up with each new start, but every time he managed to get ahead – sometimes with the next driver falling almost half a lap behind.

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As part of a six event series, the modified race was the third event in a competition with Idaho called the Border War. Each state hosts three of the events and Friday’s race was the second for Montana. Belgrade‚Äôs Emory Wells took the top spot.


1) Robert Petroff
2) Cory Craver
3) Rodney Hunter

1) Jordan Tocci
2) Beau Brown
3) Casey Steffenson

1) Emory Wells
2) Beau Brown
3) Jeremy Meirhofer

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