(Photo Courtesy Cincinnati Reds)

BILLINGS – The Cincinnati Reds are sending their top draft pick to Billings, according to Mustangs general manager Gary Roller.

Hunter Greene, the overall No. 2 pick in last month’s draft, is expected to arrive in Billings Saturday, but is not expected to be active, according to Roller.

It took almost every minute of the allotted negotiation period, but Greene last week agreed to the richest signing bonus in Major League Baseball history.

Greene and the Reds agreed to a contact moments before the 5 p.m. (EST) deadline last Friday that will pay him a $7,230,000 bonus, according to multiple sources. The 17-year-old right-handed pitcher chose to sign with the professional club instead of attending UCLA.

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The bonus beats the previous record of $7,005,000, set earlier this year by No. 4 overall pick Brendan McKay, who was drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays. Greene’s bonus is $36,000 above the projected slot – a number the league comes up with to determine value. Greene is the only draftee taken in the first two picks to ever be signed above their slot value.

If no deal was reached before the deadline, Greene would have been ineligible to be drafted for three years if he chose to attend UCLA.


  1. Amazing! That much money for not having thrown one pitch in the majors or monors. How ludicrous! More power to him. Kid. throw out your arm and retire…lol