(University of Providence Media Release)

GREAT FALLS, Mont. – The University of Providence (formerly the University of Great Falls) officially unveiled its new logo, colors, and athletic logo in a ceremony led by University of Providence President Anthony Aretz. Aretz was joined by City of Great Falls Mayor Robert Kelly and Great Falls-Billings Catholic Diocese Bishop Michael Warfel, along with university trustees and officials of the Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH) system.

Aretz spoke about the university’s new bold vision, working in tandem with Providence St. Joseph Health, the city, local community, Catholic Diocese, and business partners to create a new organization that serves future students both on the Great Falls campus and throughout the western states, through the PSJH system. He also emphasized how this change brings the university back to its roots, founded by the Sisters of Providence and Ursuline Sisters in 1932.

Argo athletes pose in their new gear at the Providence unveiling party. (TOM WYLIE/MTN Sports)

Part of the university’s new look is a new set of logos and colors for Argo athletics. The new visual identity of Argo athletics is meant to connect the old with the new. Since the University of Providence was first founding in 1932 as the College of Great Falls, the school has undergone multiple name changes, moved its campus, and been both a commuter school and an on-campus based institution. In all that time, one thing has stayed the same – we have always been Argos.

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For those that attended and/or followed the Argos in the 2000s and 2010s, the new logos will look familiar. While the new color scheme matches the new visual identity of the University of Providence and both the Argo Helmet and the Argo Primary have been modified and honed, the logos still maintain their overall look from the University of Great Falls era.

The helmet is more pointed at the edges and uses white strokes instead of black to separate the different sections, giving the sharper, cleaner feel. In the primary, the letters have been spread out with one stroke eliminated from the previous design to create more visual space and a less busy design. The lettering “University of Providence” has been included above the “ARGOS” wordmark in a typeface that matches the new university logo.

In conjunction with the changes of the school’s name and visual identity, Argo athletics will launch an updated version of its athletics website with a new URL on Friday, July 14. The new web address for the Argos will www.UPArgos.com but the site will keep its current layout and will still be hosted by Sidearm Sports.

Argo athletics will also switch over all its social media accounts to make the changes, with the main department accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram moving the handle @UPArgos.

For access and use of these logos please contact the University of Providence’s Office of Marketing and Communications or Argo Athletics’ Sports Information Director.

The University of Providence unveiled its new colors and branding on Thursday afternoon. (Courtesy: University of Providence.)