BILLINGS – Imagine a sport where you can succeed 99 percent of the time – and lose.

That’s often the case with trap shooting, where it’s taken hitting 200 out of 200 shots to be named Montana State singles champion seven of the past eight years.

Montana’s best are back at it this week up at the Billings Trap Club, with a slew of titles on the line. The event obviously attracts the top Treasure State talent, but it’s also open to competitors from around the country.

“We’ve got New Mexico, we got Texas, we got them from out of Alberta here,” said Billings Trap Club President Doug Wilson. “You know, it’s a pretty big deal these state trap shoots. People travel.”

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This year’s event even has a participant from the other side of the world in New Zealand shooter Paul Basten.

“The style of shooting that they do here at the ATA – single barrel, one shot – it requires ultimate focus,” Basten said about what attracted him to the event. “I think this is a better game and a much bigger volume. The state shoots, you’re doing 300 a day. It’s just fantastic.”

Competition began Wednesday and runs through Sunday.