GREAT FALLS – When fans come to watch sporting events at Memorial Stadium in Great Falls when the fall season rolls around, the field will have a different look to it. The field is currently under construction to install a brand new turf field. This is the first time in the stadium’s 100-year history that the playing surface will be something other than grass.

The switch from a grass field was made because turf is a lot easier to maintain. The field is supposed to be ready by late August – just in time for the fall sports season.

Photos: Memorial Stadium new turf construction


  1. Biggest waste of money in GFH history Shows where the educational priorities are in today’s world. Our kids are watching. Teachers are asking kids to buy them supplies for the classroom but we will have an outstanding football program that serves a few. WOW! Lacy put this pork with other needed projects. This money was needed for other infer structure projects just ask the maintenance team. And would have been for all students