BELGRADE – Athletes got a lesson in football and life skills Friday in Belgrade.

In the 10th anniversary Leaders, Legends and Legacies football camp put on by former Bobcat Ty O’Conner and other former MSU and pro football players, the goal for the camp is not to only improve their play on the field, but in their everyday lives.

“They get a lot of one-on-one time on the football field and we’ll break it down and we have speakers come in and we talk to these kids about different choices made in life, what’s coming at them,” said O’Connor, a former MSU football player and camp coordinator. “We kind of hit them with a lot of different things that they’re really not thinking about right now. ”

“I like the fact that these kids come in here, they bond, they all stay together and they work together,” former Bobcat and Tennessee Titan Ken Amato told us. “They come out onto the field, they do their drills altogether, they look after each other. And then the life-skills aspect: This camp is all about helping them understand that life is not easy. It’s going to get harder as you go and we want to help them prepare and understand that it’s going to take work. Everything you do in life, it’s going to take a lot of work to be successful, to succeed, to accomplish your goals, whatever it may be.”

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“These coaches have been in situations that I couldn’t imagine being in,” Belgrade football player Dalton Roscoe said about the camp. “These coaches talked about all these situations and now I’m prepared for my future and I know what’s going to happen and I can kind of predict whats going on.”