BILLINGS – To quote Thin Lizzy – the boys are back in town.

The 2017 Billings Mustangs are one practice into their season, taking the Dehler Park field an hour after arriving Sunday night on the eve of the season opener. It’s the quickest turnaround they’ve ever had – flying in just 24 hours prior.

The Ponies kick off the 76-game slate against Missoula – a four-game homestand to start the year. There are some familiar names and plenty of fresh faces in tow, though they’re only new to the fans.

“The majority of these guys, we’ve been around each other for like the past 2-3 years in the Dominican or in the Arizona league,” said infielder Montrell Marshall, who is back in the Magic City for his second season. “To Billings, it’s a lot of new faces, but to the team, we’ve been playing with each other for quite a bit, so we’re comfortable.”

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Mustangs manager Ray Martinez admits the quick turnaround is new, but the baseball part of the equation is the constant.

“We’ll be ready for our game tomorrow,” assured Martinez. “I mean, we’ve been playing all the time – the guys have been playing – so it’s just the flying in tonight and playing tomorrow. But it’s baseball – you gotta get used to that.”

First pitch is schedule for 7:05 p.m. Monday night at Dehler.