Friends, family, coaches, and athletes that he coached all gathered at the Black Eagle Community center the evening of June 16th for a party to celebrate wrestling coach Bob Zadick. It was a night remembering his achievements as many people spoke about what a great mentor Zadick was and all the life lessons that he taught to his wrestlers. Zadick is humbled in knowing that he’s touched so many lives throughout his career.

“This is nice but there’s a lot of other people here that did just as much work as I did. I don’t know, it’s kind of embarrassing to have all these people here, but that excites me. The best years of my life are with these guys. Guys like Tom Mauer, Jabi Young, Jeff Thompson, all these guys. I cut my teeth in the wrestling world with all these guys. It excites me to see them here,” said Zadick.

“Probably the most important life lesson that Mr. Zadick taught me was that hard work is the basis of everything and that’s what we have to go off of,” said Jeremiah Watt, who Zadick coached for 10 years. “The harder you work, the more things you’ll get accomplished.”

Watt was also the organizer of the event.