BELGRADE – Than noise behind me means we’re a little closer to summer and it’s the first night of racing at the Gallatin Speedway.

And the first championship race of 2017 would be in the Street Stocks, starting with Ron Imberi in the 66 car and Rodney Hunter in the 69 leading the pack. But Hunter jumps ahead to an early lead.

It is the first race of the season here, so there is bound to be some rust… and Devin Kenaston in the 29 car and Dwayne Fowler in the 12 get tangled up, but no harm done and they’re still in it. Fowler actually works his way up to challenge Hunter, but the 69 car would hold it’s lead.

After twenty laps Hunter become your first Gallatin Speedway champion of the season, but he won’t be the last.

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Billings native Ryan Fasching wins the Super Stocks and Belgrade’s Jeremy Meirhofer wins the first Modified race of June.

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