BUTTE–Eddie Starz will be the lone man suiting up for Lone Peak in Saturday’s Bob Cleverley All-Star Game, a distinction the senior is both proud of and grateful for.

“It’s a great honor, honestly, to go out and be the first person from the school to represent Lone Peak,” he said. “I’m really fortunate to be out here–for the school and for the town.”

It’s been a year of firsts for the young man, who’s living up to his last name. In January, he became the first basketball player in school history to score 1,000 career points. Now, he’s ending his high school run receiving 8-man football’s greatest honor.

“I was just going one day at a time, one season at a time, and one year at a time,” Starz explained. “When all the accomplishments and the dust sort of settled for all of the seasons, it was really amazing to be able to represent my school here.”

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Mike Baer, the Gardiner Head Coach who will also be the head of Starz’ squad for the big game, is more than happy to have him on his side for once.

“After playing him down there in Lone Peak, we were excited to see him on the roster here,” he said. “We know what he did against us.

Starz tore up opposing defenses as a quarterback in the fall, and he’s proving to coaches this week that he can hang with the other all-stars at his position.

“We weren’t sure where he was gonna be for us here,” Baer said. “That’s the kind of kid and athlete that he is. He’s had a great week–he’s throwing the ball really, really well.”

A big benefit of these games is the level of talent players like Starz get to join forces with but, for quarterbacks, it’s also about who you now don’t have to go up against.

“[I’m glad to play with] Ty Morgan,” he joked. “During the season, he got back there pretty quickly, so it’s pretty awesome to have him on our team.”

The risk for injury is a little lower with the 6-foot-5 monster on his team, which will keep him healthy for when he heads to Carroll College in the fall. He has more football to play at the next level but, for now, he hopes to end his unprecedented high school career on a high note.