BILLINGS – When they cross the finish line in the final races of the State B track and field meet Saturday, the Wrzesinski siblings will need to sleep for a week.

“It’s going to be a long couple days,” said Wrenzi Wrzesinski. “Gosh, it’s probably going to be tough, but we’ll manage, I guess.”

Brother Cleet agrees, but admits it’s a great ‘problem’ to have.

“I knew I’d be pretty busy, but I threw in a couple extra events because we needed the points, so it should be a pretty busy weekend,” he said.

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Between the two, Cleet and Wrenzi will compete in 13 events in Butte this weekend — the only meet of the year athletes are allowed to do more than five each.

They consider themselves hurdles specialists. Cleet won the 110 and 300 state titles the past two seasons at Ennis and both are favorites for two more titles, though each has a preference.

“Probably the 300 hurdles,” said Cleet. “Probably my best event. I’m trying to get the state record this year, I was really close last year, so that’s my goal.”

Wrenzi prefers the shorter race.

“Probably the 100 hurdles,” she laughed, “get it over quickly.”

Everything seems to come easy for these two, and transferring to the top-notch facilities at Baker has only helped.

“We came from Ennis, and I loved the track team over there, but the track wasn’t too nice,” Cleet admitted. “It was kind of a dirt square, so we had to practice on that, but this new track in Baker is extremely nice.”

“It’s been super fun to be able to practice on a real track now, and just the teammates — everyone’s real supportive,” Wrenzi said. “I love it.”

If all goes perfectly, Cleet can double his title tally from seven to a staggering 14.

“I think it’ll be tough, but I think I’ll be able to handle it,” he said.

Sophomore Wrenzi, meanwhile, can hardly contain herself about her first opportunity on the big stage.

“I’m super excited,” she said smiling. “Really nervous of course, but I’m excited.”

Expect that smile to beam all weekend.