BILLINGS – If you’re looking for non-stop action this weekend, the MetraPark Expo Center is the place for you as the 4th annual Big Sky VolleyFest is packing 120 teams into a two-day competition.

12 courts will house multiple divisions for the AAU tournament, which has almost doubled from its inaugural year in 2014. Teams across Montana, plus Wyoming, South Dakota, and Washington compete, with the winners getting a free ride to the National Championships in Orlando. The tournament has gotten so big that AAU executive committee member Joyce Cooney decided she needed to see it in person.

“We just talked about how many years this has been, and so I’m looking forward now to the next five,” said Cooney from the tournament site Friday. “That’s sort of the big picture – when you come into a place like this you think, ‘Well, this is how it is now but what’s it going to be like 5 years from now?’

“Maybe another 200 teams, or a lot more courts and things like that. So that’s why I’m here – to listen, take it all in, and then hopefully come up with some ideas for them for the next year.”

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Teams are at a Skills Camp Friday night, with the tournament starting at 7 am Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday is officially Pink Day, with all pink shirt sales proceeds going to benefit Skyview’s Pack the Place in Pink Initiative.