MISSOULA – The entire point of Spring football is preparing for the Fall. College teams get 15 practices and scrimmages to work on what they’ll need to do when they meet another opponent. But going against each other over and over provides another benefit.

The Grizzlies have their set plays and tendencies. When you keep showing those, your teammates start to adjust. So then you must make a change to keep finding an advantage. The constant battle leads to good days for the offense and defense, which is exactly what head coach Bob Stitt wants to see.

One example of the back and forth came in the last scrimmage, when receiver Justin Calhoun showed a double move for the first time this Spring, and it led to a rare long touchdown against the Griz D.

“I’ve got to change it up,” said Calhoun afterwards. “I can’t just keep running the same thing over and over, cause they start jumping our routes. And today they jumped a couple of routes. So we try to work on different things, not the same thing over and over. But going against our team it’s going to be like that. You’ve only got so many moves.”

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“You have to have it that way, cause if one side is dominating, then there’s a problem. You should have it back and forth,” said Stitt. “And I love the way our defense is playing. They’re coming up with plays to get the offense off schedule. They’re not giving up the big plays, which hurt us in the last half of the season last year.

The offense and defense square off for one last time this weekend. The Grizzlies annual Spring Game heads to Butte for a 1:00 kickoff on Saturday.