BOZEMAN – Spring football starts Wednesday at Montana State. For Jeff Choate, it’s a chance to not only solidify the fundamentals that he loves, but also to try out some new things that he and his staff have learned in the offseason.

“I think the scheme part of it, there are going to be some tweaks,” said Choate, the Bobcats’ second-year coach. “There are going to be some things you’ve looked at from professional development in the offseason that you want to examine. But I think by and large what we’re looking to do is just build on the foundation that we started last spring with fundamentals, continue to develop depth, and then drive our culture in terms of how we do things. ”

Choate has been here for a year, so this is his second Spring Football season, and, already, he’s seen a change from last year.

“There’s a difference already, there really is,” he said. “I can see it in terms of just how much more efficient we are. The kids understand how we want to do things, how we practice, how we operate going from drill to drill. They understand the verbiage, so I think we can get a lot more accomplished in a shorter amount of time because of the familiarity the kids have with us as coaches and just how we do things and how we operate.”

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Choate has been especially impressed with his team’s offseason workouts.

“You can just tell, watching these guys move around, and in our offseason training, activities that we’ve been doing, that their change of direction is much better,” Choate said. “I think we’re becoming more fluid as athletes, and I can see some growth, especially in our freshmen.”