DILLON–The Dillon Beavers’ last five title teams have one thing in common: they were all led by Terry Thomas.

He has made winning look easy over the last 11 years, now coaching his Beavers to eight championship games, five titles, and two undefeated seasons. The 2016-17 boys were the latest team to accomplish that feat, doing so in dominant fashion on March 11.

“Right from the start of the year–all the way to the finish–we felt like we played really good basketball,” Thomas said of this year’s team. “To be able to complete it without getting beat is a pretty special feeling.”

The Beavers boasted a talented roster but, even the players know, perfection would have been a tall order without their coach.

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“It’s hard to beat a good coach like him,” senior forward, Kyson Wilson said. “He knows how to just conquer everything teams throw at us…he would be pretty hard to replace to go undefeated.”

Thomas has created a revolving door of success in Beaverhead County, which has helped bring respect and establish a winning culture.

“[The respect comes from] how successful he’s been,” said Beavers’ sophomore, Michael Haverfield. “We’ve been watching him for so many years.”