Lacrosse coaches, Mark Smith and Dan Springer hold an off season practice with their team (Ted Dawson/MTN Sports)

BOZEMAN – Mark Smith, is the head coach of the True Grit Lacrosse team. Dan Springer is the Assistant coach. The two have just received the Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal coaching awards for Montana after leading their 11 and 12 year old team to a championship all while keeping them involved in helping out with community projects.

“I’m just really thankful that the parents nominated us and through the process, it ended up that we won,” says Smith. “So it’s really awesome for all of us. And the Bozeman

Obviously with the parents help, there was enough letters of recommendation that it’s a big honor for us to be nominated by these parents and then to
ultimately win it is very important,” exudes Springer. “It’s important for the kids, and it’s important for the program. ”

Smith and Springer have recently pulled their True Grit team out of Bozeman Lacrosse, to give them more big time opportunities.

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“We just want to be our best and help other people be their best every day,: explains Smith. “We feel like with this new program we’re allowing the kids to explore different opportunities and for Dan and I as coaches, I think it gives us the opportunity to be the best coaches that we can be.”