BILLINGS – Torie Jamieson always had the dedication, intensity and focus necessary to be a champion. Now she has the technique – and she is a champion.

“I expected to do good because I’m very, very prepared,” said Torie, “and I practiced a lot for this one, and I felt really prepared, so I thought so I’d get at least a couple firsts or at least, like, seconds.”

By ‘this one,’ Jamieson means the Karate Winter Internationals in Las Vegas. And those goals were conquered.

The 10-year-old competed in seven events, winning the 10-11 age division in four of those. Two of which, she received perfect scores.

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“The level that she’s at right now is just amazing,” said Torie’s karate instructor, Dan Proffitt. “She’s one in a million.”

But the success is hardly a surprise. After all, she was introduced to the sport from day one. Literally.

“You know, when they were born I’d hold them,” said Proffitt, “and the older they got I’d mess around with them, scare ’em, do whatever I could and this is how she turned out.”

“My sisters are a big inspiration because I wanted to do what they did,” Torie said.

That leaves one obvious question. Who’s better?

“Well, I’m still doing it, and they’re doing other sports,” said Torie.

And that’s all she offers. Torie already has a blue belt in karate, displays focus well beyond her 10 years and never backs down from a challenge. But she’d rather keep all those facts on the down low.

“Be humble especially,” Torie said. “Not like going around bragging to everyone. Like, some people are like, ‘Show me what you can do,’ but I don’t usually do that ’cause that’s not very humble.”

That doesn’t mean she’s not confident. In fact, she loves competing against the best.

“I’m really excited because those people can push me and make me better,” she said.

Only three ranks away, Torie has her sights set on the sport’s highest honor. A black belt. But that figures to be a number of years away. Or does it?

“Well, in my style she’s going to be 18, she has to be 18,” said Proffitt. “Unless she shows me something spectacular — which you know what? Knock on wood, there’s a goal for her right there.”

With that goal on the horizon, she should get a kick out of karate for years to come.