DILLON — Tanner Haverfield always has the green light, and for good reason — he seldom has what most would consider a ‘poor shooting night.’

His confidence has a lot to do with that.

“I like to shoot the ball,” said Haverfield. “If I’m feeling it, you know, I’m gonna let it fly. Sometimes, if I’m not feeling it, I’m still gonna let it go.”

His permission to launch is warranted, and his performance last week exemplifies his skill. He scored 22 and 18 points against Belgrade and Hamilton, respectively — two of the top teams in Class A.

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Dillon’s head coach, Terry Thomas, is no stranger to good ball players, and he recognizes Haverfield as an integral piece of the championship puzzle.

“He helps in all areas,” Thomas said. “He helps the offense going, whether he is scoring or whether he’s not. … He’s really an important piece of our team and, if we didn’t have him, it’d be big shoes to fill.”

But the Beavers still have him – -for this season. The senior will be off and possibly playing college ball next winter. Since that’s the case, he wants to leave on his own terms. He has won a state championship, but has a unique opportunity to be a part of something even more impressive — an undefeated state championship team.

But he will take the season as it comes.

“It’s in my head,” Haverfield admitted. “But I’m really just focused on the next game and that’s all we need to be focused on at this point.”

His Beavers can move one game closer to that goal with a win at Corvallis on Saturday.