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Think back to that first pair of tennis shoes that made you feel good and inspired you to run faster or jump higher. Or the fun new pair of yoga pants that made you actually want to hit the mat after work. The right athletic apparel can make a big difference in performance and encourage us to take our own physical fitness skills more seriously.

Need convincing? Here are a few good reasons to treat yourself to some new gear if you’re finding it difficult to cut your couch potato habit.

  1. Athletic clothing promotes freedom of movement
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Would you wear jeans to a black-tie event or a three-piece suit to picnic in the park? Of course not, because then you would not be comfortable for the activities taking place! It’s the same way with exercise and sports. The right athletic apparel can help you feel comfortable and promote freedom of movement. After all, if you’re constantly tugging at a falling strap or feeling your feet slide around in dress socks, your mind can’t concentrate on performing your best.

  1. The right apparel improves overall performance

It’s also important to know which shoes are appropriate for different sports, what swimwear is best for competitive swimming and what materials wick away perspiration.

The right apparel for your particular sport or workout, whether it’s long distance running or kicking around a soccer ball, can make all the difference in your performance. It’s worth doing a little research to find out the brands and types of apparel that others find helpful.

  1. Clothes can make you feel more confident

Remember those tennis shoes that you wore to high school gym class? They made you feel ready for the game, right? Confidence is a big part of sports and exercise, and the right athletic apparel can mean the difference between wanting to shyly sit on the sidelines and signing up for a marathon! So treat yourself to those sleek new workout clothes, already.

  1. Well-designed athletic apparel can prevent injuries

A lot of us might think about shoes when it comes to avoiding injury and purchasing the correct gear, and shoes are definitely important. In fact, athletic shoes should be checked and replaced periodically.

But there are other apparel matters to consider for your protection. Live in a place where the sun beats down on you during an outdoor workout? Try sun reflective clothing to guard your skin instead of slathering on the SPF. Similarly, those of us in a cold climate need to stay toasty with proper gloves, hats and socks.

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