406 Academy based in Bozeman holds 3-on-3 basketball tournament Saturday afternoon. (Andy Curtis/MTN Sports)

Bozeman – Sports are about more than just winning and losing… a message preached at the 406 Academy’s 3-on-3 basketball event in Bozeman on Saturday.

” So we’re looking for young men and women that are looking for some mentor-ship. Help them achieve their goals and dreams that they have. Whether it be to make the 8th grade basketball team, the varsity and high school team or even get further than that,” said the academy’s club director Joe Perry.

The event is just one of many the academy holds for athletes of all different sports, ages and skill sets where coaches and volunteers help to improve their play and confidence.

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” Ball handling, shooting, post work and has helped me build my confidence as a player,” said 406 Academy athlete Kiersten Vankirk about how she has improved on the court.

” I feel more confident in my everyday life because they are like a family.” Felicity Schott told MTN about how working with the coaches and volunteers at the academy have helped her off the court. “I always know that they have my back if I have any problems is school or anything I can go to them for help.”

It’s also about remembering to have some fun.

” I like the game, I like to have that, I don’t know,” said athlete Lily Jones. I like being part of a team and just to be active a lot.”

events and clinics go on through out the year in Bozeman.