Montana State volleyball coach, JJ Riley, explains to the media what his team needs to do the rest of the season

BOZEMAN – Another year, another losing volleyball season at Montana State. Thursday is Senior Night, signifying the final home match of the season. The Bobcats face a Sacramento State team that they haven’t beaten in more than six years.

Head coach JJ Riley has had to deal with no less than 13 newcomers in his two years, and while that has caused problems, it’s also a good omen for the future.

“We’re really undisciplined at some of the most fundamental things,” Riley¬†said. “So honestly, what we want to get accomplished is cleaning that stuff up, cleaning our side up, get the athletes to understand the importance of that stuff. And be really good on our side. I think, right now, we have to take our focus off the opponents and put a lot more emphasis on our side of the court, getting better there, then take a new focus as we play. So that’s probably the biggest thing, just keep getting better in those areas, the discipline, the focus, and just keep battling. That’s the bottom line. We’ve just got to keep playing well, keep trying to build something for the future. I think that’s what it’s about. You can’t just stop because it’s a rough year.”