MSU defensive lineman, Tucker Yates goes trick or treating after practice on Sunday (Ted Dawson/MTN Sports)

BOZEMAN – For college football players, there’s almost nothing worse than Sunday practices. But Montana State players got a special treat after their Sunday practice. Wives and children of Bobcat coaches and staff dressed up and formed a trick-or-treat line.

“This is pretty sweet,” said wide receiver Mitchell Herbert.

“Awesome, I miss it,” added defensive lineman Tucker Yates. “Trick or treat, little boy. Oh, Swedish Fish, oh boy. Those are my (favorite.)”

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“Awesome, just like being a little kid again,” said running back Gunnar Brekke.

“It’s awesome,” said offensive lineman JP Flynn. “The families are always doing something awesome for us every year, every week, every day. So we can’t thank them enough. That’s for sure.”

“This is awesome,” echoed tight end Austin Barth. “Halloween man, you gotta love Halloween.”

And the coaches enjoyed the day every bit as much as the players did.

“This is awesome,” said offensive coordinator Courtney Messingham. “We’ve got great support. Families are awesome. Our families do everything that we ask them to do and they support us unbelievably.”

“It’s the best,” added defensive coordinator Ty Gregorak. “We’ve been celebrating Halloween for like three days already, and Halloween is (Monday), so we enjoy Halloween in the Gregorak family.”

And besides, it’s a great way to end Sunday practice.