Bozeman cross country runner Chase Equall, helped lead his team to a NXN title (Ted Dawson/MTN Sports)

Bozeman – Cross Country runners take off as a group, and usually stay together for awhile, but by the time they get close to the finish, this year anyway, Bozeman senior, Chase Equall, has been all alone. However, he never considers himself lonely.

“I think it’s almost never lonely,” says Equall. “Both because of the fact that you know that there is a guy right behind you who wants to eat you for lunch, and that your teammates are there supporting you and pushing you. I know that some people feel like it’s more of an individual sport, but it never feels like that. because there are four guys that are scoring and six other guys on your team that are there behind you pushing just as hard.”

Equall (his name is pronounced Eck-wul) has been sensational this year, with a 14:55 clocking in the three mile at the seven on seven meet in Helena, and one of the best times in history at the Sunfair in Yakima. But it all starts with his grueling workouts.

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“Chase is just a smart kid,” states his coach, Casey Jermyn. “He runs really smart. Kind of calm, cool, and collected. And he just puts in a lot of the hard work that you need to do and pays attention to a lot of the little details, morning runs, afternoon runs, kind of all the above.”

For Equall, who has been running since middle school, it’s an act of love. “I love racing with my teammates, racing against others, pushing ourselves and seeing what we can do.”

Chase also loves his studies. He has a perfect 4.0 grade point average and for all of that, we are awarding him a beautiful plaque from Bozeman trophy, as our Outstanding Athlete of the week.

He just got home from a recruiting trip to the University of Washington, and he’s also being recruited by Montana, Southern Utah and Georgetown. “Chase will go to the next level,” promises his coach. “He will run in college, and will run well, will compete really well. and will be a good athlete.

And that is definitely something Equall wants to do. “I think my times both in track and in cross country make it clear that I can compete at that level. In terms of what other people have run in their high school career, and I also think I have the will and drive to do that so yes, I’m 100% planning on doing that.”