MSU football Coach, Jeff Choate talks to the media about his vision for the future of Bobcat football

Montana State has not started 0-3 in the Big Sky Conference since 2000, so as you can imagine, things are a little tense around the MSU football offices. “Yesterday was a tough day,” bemoans Jeff Choate. “That’s the margin of victory, and the margin of defeat are very very small right now.”

The reality is that the Bobcats had a chance to win all three games that they’ve lost. Even on the final play of the NAU game where Freshman quarterback lost the ball as he was about to throw, Mitch Herbert was wide open for a probably go ahead touchdown if Murray, who just turned 18 on Sunday, could just have gotten the ball to him.

It may look bleak now, but Choate has a plan. “As a football coach,” says Choate, “it’s hard to be disciplined and stick to the plan and stick to the process, because there are going to be painful moments that come as a result of that, but I’ve been really pleased with how these guys have understood that. That what we’re trying to do here is build a really strong foundation here that’s going to last and it’s not going to be a game to game program, it’s going to be a season to season program where we’re look at as “Hey they did that right” and they’re bulding something that’s special and significant, and I think these kids get that. And eventuallym, we’ll stop knocking on that door and we’ll kick it down and I think it will be like a tidal wave. I think that if we have the discipline to stick with this thing and build it the right way, it’s going to be really special.”