Bozeman's Meggie Delaney is KBZK's Outstanding Athlete of the Week. (MTN Sports)

Bozeman – Golf’s been called a good walk spoiled, but for Bozeman’s Meggie Delaney lasts week’s Double-A State Golf Tournament was a great walk made even better when she won her first title!

“It didn’t really set in until a couple of hours after on the way home and I was like, oh my goodness I just won a state championship”, Delaney told us.

Delaney didn’t have to celebrate alone because her Bozeman Hawks team won the state championship too. Beating Missoula Sentinal and Helena High by 106 strokes.

“It was really cool because the team won it too, and we broke a state record. So it was really cool. I felt like I was on cloud nine.”

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Delaney could have easily been stuck on cloud eight though, because as anyone who’s hacked up a fairway knows golf is a tough mental sport. But by staying focused and positive the senior kept her head down, working on the task at hand and offered some simple advise that works for her.

“During it, what our coaches always say is to take it shot by shot, and I think that really helped. If you have a bad shot you just need to recover and just go into the next shot and focus on the next one. Mentally it’s really hard to keep yourself in a positive attitude. But positive attitude is what will help you the most. Just knocking off the bad shots that you don’t want to remember.”

So for her championship play and positive attitude KBZK is awarding her with a plaque from Bozeman Trophy as their Outstanding Athlete of the Week.

“When you have good days you get the best feeling and you’re in such a good mood. And it’s just rewarding when you do good, don’t want to talk about when you do bad.”

Her grandfather, former Montana football coach Mick Delaney, would be proud.