oach Jeff Choate gave the younger kids some time on the field. (MTN Sports)

Montana State holds its first scrimmage of the fall Saturday, but a reminder, that it will be closed to both fans and the media.

However, some scrimmage practice this morning was open and check out this defensive play by Damien Washington, stealing the ball from John D’Agostino. Or how about this defensive effort from cornerback Tavon Dodd, breaking up the pass to Kevin Kassis. Coach Jeff Choate gave the younger kids some time on the field, and freshman quarterback Chris Murray shows what he’s going to be like in the future with this pass to fellow freshman Karl Tucker. Another freshman quarterback Kamden Brown shows his running ability here. So things look pretty good for the future.

“You know, they did a nice job,” Choate said. “We’ve been trying to add in a couple of periods with those guys where they get a chance to kind of play 11-on-11 football and just see who starts to emerge. We’ve had some young guys who have made some plays and it’s refreshing to see. Young quarterback from Lawndale, Chris Murray, has done a nice job. I thing Balue Chapman, local Bozeman kid, has really started to flash a little bit. So both sides of the ball, there’s been some guys making some plays.”